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The Aerolib Learning Management System is an On-demand E-learning system for Clinical and Regulatory education for Physicians, Physician Advisors, Case managers, Utilization Review personnel and Hospital Administration that is based on Aerolib`s successful education methodology of Disease Specific Documentation Improvement.

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Aerolib Essentials
15 Handpicked Courses

3 month access

  • Anatomy of a Medical Record
  • Case Analysis for Audits
  • Hierarchical Condition Categories & Risk
  • Condition Code 44 Decision Tree
  • Writing Proposed Decisions for Appeals
  • The 3 Fates of Medical Records
  • Clinical and Regulatory Review: Cellulitis
  • Clinical and Regulatory Review: Blood Transfusion
  • Clinical and Regulatory Review: UTI
  • Clinical and Regulatory Review: TIA/CVA
  • Pitfalls of Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • GI Bleed: Ins and Outs of GI Bleed Cases
  • Turbocharging your Analytics for CDI
  • Total Knee Arthroplasty: In or Out?
  • Avoiding Denials for Inpatient & Outpatient Surgeries