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Clinical & Regulatory Review Courses

17 Chapters of Physician Advisor Education

CONTENT Duration (minutes)
Value Proposition of a Physician Advisor program Video 60
The Role of the Physician Advisor in the Emergency Room Video 60
3-D Mapping of Clinical Data to Improve Clinical Documentation 15
EPAS 07122018 Physician Advisors and AI: The Next Dream Team Video 64
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
EPAS Clinical Documentation and Quality Improvement Video 65
EPAS 03212019 The Magic of Pharmacology by a Physician Advisor Video 60
EPAS 09062018 Physician Conflict Management & the Physician Advisor Video 64
EPAS 04182019 Vision: A Key Element to Transforming Documentation Video 69
EPAS 03012018 Medicolegal Consulting Video 64
EPAS 02212019 Zero Trust in Healthcare: Physician Advisor & Cybersecurity Video 65
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
EPAS 08022018 Medicare Reimbursement Primer for Physician Advisors Video 82
EPAS 11142019 The CMS Two Midnight Rule – 4 Years Later Video 65
EPAS 08232018 Compliant Use of HINN and ABN Forms Video 65
Inpatient Prospective Payment System and MSDRG Video 21
Hierarchical Condition Categories Video 24
Condition Code 44 Decision Tree Video 19
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
Art of Auditing Video 40
Case Analysis for Audits 15
ER Clinical Case Review Video 21
Anatomy of a Medical Record 45
EPAS 03082018 The 3 Fates of Medical Records Video 70
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
EPAS Sepsis 02082018 Video 68
Sepsis Webinar 30
EPAS 01242019 Blood Cultures on Trial – How to Protect Your Diagnosis Video 63
Cellulitis: Empowering Physician Advisors Show Video 66
Cellulitis: Clinical and Regulatory Review Video 40
UTI: Clinical and Regulatory Review Video 45
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
EPAS 04052018 TIA & CVA Cases Video 72
Clinical and Regulatory Review : TIA & CVA 45
Seizures-Clinical and Regulatory Review Video 30
EPAS 10042018 Relationship of Encephalopathy & Altered Mental Status Video 70
EPAS 03222018 Ambulatory Dysfunction Video 85
Back Pain: Clinical and Regulatory Review Video 31
EPAS 05032018 Reinventing the Wheel: Ambulatory Dysfunction Video 70
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
Acute Kidney Injury: Empowering Physician Advisor Show 2017 Video 105
Acute Kidney Injury-Video 60
EPAS 07192018 Blood Transfusions: Infusing Your Documentation Video 72
Blood Transfusion: Clinical and Regulatory Review video 33
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
Diabetes: Clinical and Regulatory Update video 56
EPAS 05172018 GI Bleed: Ins and Outs of GI Bleed Cases Video 60
Abdominal Pain:Clinical & Regulatory Review Video 30
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
Chest Pain: Clinical and Regulatory Review 40
EPAS 09202018 Pitfalls of Acute Myocardial Infarction Documentation Video 70
Congestive Heart Failure: Clinical and Regulatory Review Video 60
Atrial Arrhythmias Video 40
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
Acute Respiratory Failure DP Video 45
COPD: Empowering Physician Advisors Show 65
Clinical and Regulatory Review : COPD 48
Pneumonia: Empowering Physician Advisor Show 2018 Video 103
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
Pandemics: Lessons from History Video 97
COVID-19… When is it Inpatient? VIdeo 68
Lessons Learned from Ridiculous Denials for COVID-19 Video 70
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
EPAS 12062018 P2P Strategies That Overturn IPOL Surgery Denials Video 76
EPAS 06282018 Total Knee Arthroplasty: In or Out? The Path Ahead Video 71
EPAS 07112019 Controversies in TKA Bedding Video 61
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
EPAS 03052020 Readmissions: Bundled or Unbundled? Video 55
EPAS 01232020 When is a Patient *REALLY* Discharged? Video 65
EPAS 020719 Decisions vs. Judgements: Tools for Clinical Decision Support Video 63
EPAS 10182018 Avoiding Denials for Inpatient & Outpatient Surgeries Video 47
EPAS 09052019 Why do Peer to Peer (P2P) discussions? Video 63
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
Medicare Hearing Book Update Part 1 30
Medicare Hearing Book Update Part 2 30
Going the Extra Mile: Interview with Bob Soltis Retired ALJ 61
Writing Proposed Decisions: Interview with Bob Soltis Retired ALJ 95
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
EPAS 04042019 Lessons Learned from Ridiculous Denials Video 65
EPAS 05022019 Lessons Learned from Ridiculous Sepsis Denials Video 65
EPAS 05162019 Lessons Learned from Ridiculous Readmission Denials Video 69
CONTENT Duration (minutes)
EPAS Beyond Payor Islands 02-22-2018 Video 72
Data Drives Disease Dollars EPAS 10182018 Video 83
EPAS Length of Stay 02152018 Video 70
EPAS 05312018 Opportunity Days Video 70
EPAS 03152018 PEPPER Reports and Sepsis Video 66
Reducing Unnecessary Observation Stays Video 68
EPAS 03072019 The Potential for the Use of Six Sigma in Healthcare Video 69
Resistance to Change ELDS Video 60
EPAS 06182018 Turbocharging your Analytics for CDI Video 67
EPAS: Scheduling & Compensation Models for Hospitalists VIDEO 70